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Sure-Grip S75 Avenger Day of the Dead Roller Derby Skates

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The S75 Avenger Day of the Dead derby package is one mean pair of roller derby skates. With the add-on Avenger super light, magnesium plate, this is one rocking skate. Add in 5 different RollerBones skate wheel hardness and design choices and Qube 8-Ball skate bearings, and this is one roller derby skate that means business.

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This stealth skate has been updated with the new D.O.D. wheels from RollerBones.

Additional Information

Boots: Sure-Grip’s S-75 with leather, stitched soles and Velcro power-strap.
Plate: Sure-Grip’s Avenger plates with double-action trucks at a 45 degree angle. Plates come in black aluminum or white magnesium (Magnesium is an additional $50).
Wheels: RollerBones all new Day of the Dead speed wheels in your choice of 80A, 86A, 92A, 94A, or 96A.
Bearings: Qube 8-Ball
Sizes: Men’s black 4-13.

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