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Sure-Grip #1300 Avanti Fo-Mac Freestyle Roller Skates

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Be part of the next skating generation with the newly modified Sure-Grip #1300 Avanti Fo-Mac Freestyle Roller Skates – they’re simply breathtaking!

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They say that being unique is much better than being perfect, but imagine being both. Sure-Grip #1300 Avanti Fo-Mac Freestyle Roller Skates will improve your skating style and your overall look, making you one of the most elegant and beautiful skaters on the rink.

Sure-Grip #1300 Avanti Fo-Mac Freestyle Roller Skates are like no others. With their unique suede skate boot that comes in tan or black, you’ll stand out from the rest (in a good way of course). If you’ve been skating artistically for some time now, it’s likely you want to make yourself more noticeable, and the SG 1300 Fo-Mac Skates will help you do just this. It’s time to stop conforming, because you’ve been skating long enough to know that it’s also important to create your own identity on and off the rink.

Classic in their style, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with the Sure-Grip 1300 Avanti Fo-Mac Freestyle Skates for a number of reasons. They’re for the serious skater, they’re tough, and they’re durable, so you’re bound to get many skating seasons out of them, making them some of the best artistic freestyle roller skates when it comes to value for money – it doesn’t matter how hard you skate!

You should never have to feel uncomfortable skating, and with the Avanti Fo-Mac Freestyle quads you won’t. They’re also ultra comfortable and made out of high quality genuine top grain suede. Your boots will also fit like a glove thanks to the leather glove lining.

Sure-Grip have been producing some of the best freestyle quads for many years, and they know comfort. The secret’s out, the SG 1300 skating boot is one of the most comfortable skate boots on the market today.

The smart combination of SG Super-X aluminum plates and trucks together with the rubber dance plugs and fixed toe stops will mean you’ll have the stability, comfort and flexibility to roll freely – there’s not much more you can say about these awesome artistic skates apart from they’re awesome!

If you haven’t already heard, being unique and different on the rink is the next generation of beautiful, so what are you waiting for, get your Sure-Grip 1300 Avanti Fo-Mac Freestyle Roller Skates now, you won’t live to regret it!

Additional Information

Boots: Sure-Grip #1300 suede tan or black boots.
Plate: Sure-Grips’s all-new Avanti plate with 10 degree, double-action trucks. Plates come in aluminum or white magnesium (Add $50).
Wheels: FoMac Freestyle wheels in classic black.
Bearings: Lynx ABEC-7 bearings.
Sizes: Men’s tan or black 3-13.

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Special Note: The sizes presented here are all men's sizes, so ladies will need to go down 1 size when selecting their size.

Boys/Girls (Up to Size 4): These skates will match your shoe size.

Women (Sizes 5 & Up): All boot sizes listed are men's sizes, therefore, ladies will need to go one size down from their regular shoe size. So, for example, if you wear a ladies size 6 shoe, then you would want to get a size 5 skate.

Men (Sizes 5 & Up): The boot sizes listed are the same as your shoe size as all of the skates size 5 & up are men's sizes.

Extra Sizing Note on Children: If you are buying a pair of skates for a growing child, it's usually best to buy the skates no bigger than one size up from their current shoe size. Buying the skates at a larger size does help them get more use out of their skates, however, you also want to keep the child's safety in mind. Too much movement of the foot inside the skate can lead to ankle, feet and leg injuries. If you do decide to buy skates a little larger, you can have your child wear two pairs of socks, really thick socks or use padded inserts (insoles). This will allow your child to get more use out of the skates, while still staying safe.