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Vanilla GrapeAde and Vanilla Electric Jam Skates carries Vanilla GrapeAde and Vanilla Electric Jam Skates.

May 12, 2014 – Austin, Texas – Texas-owned officially announced today it’s grand opening to the general public.  Skates Emporium offers a wide selection of roller skates, inline skates, rollerblades, jam skates, roller derby skates, artistic skates and skate parts (skate boots, roller skate wheels and skate bearings) to the web surfing public.  A wholly owned subdivision of WaveOrigin, LLC, provides a seamless shopping experience for the roller skating enthusiast and the roller skating newbie.  The company offers some of the most popular roller skate brands on the market today including Vanilla, Pacer, Roller Derby, Chicago, Rock, Labeda, Luigino, Rollerblade and more.  The company also offers free shipping on all orders that are over $99.

“We are very excited to be up and running,” said Jeff Stone, President of and a former U.S. Junior Olympics Artistic Roller Skating Gold Medalist. “We strive to be more than just the best place to buy your next great pair of skates.  We seek to offer the best customer service, answer the hard questions and go the extra mile to make your time with us something you truly remember.  We are more than just a skate pro shop.  We are a community geared towards anyone that is interested in skating.  Even if you are a complete newbie or haven’t skated since you were a kid, we are here to get you back up on a pair of wheels.  And for the skating pros, we have the top brand products that you need to keep you rolling.”

Jeff Stone

“We love interacting and talking with other skaters and other people in the roller skating industry,” said Mr. Stone. “It’s fun and exciting to talk about something you truly love and that just puts a smile on your face.”

Skates Emporium offers customers a multitude of ways to pay for their order offering popular payment methods such as Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or PayPal.  The site also is highly secure offering 128-bit SSL encryption to ease customers’ minds while shopping on the website.  Besides the security and payment methods, Skates Emporium also offer a responsive, mobile-friendly website design.  This means you can not only shop on your desktop/laptop computer, but you can also browse the skate catalog from the comfort of your iPad, iPhone, Android or other mobile device.

Vanilla Carbon and Vanilla Spyder Aggressive Inline Speed Skates also offers the best aggressive inline speed skates on the market today. Never lose another race again!

“When we first began looking at creating an online skater’s paradise, we knew we had to take it straight to mobile first,” said Mr. Stone. “Mobile is quickly becoming the dominant platform for web users.  It already is more than 50% of all traffic for some industries.  With that in mind, we made sure that looked great whether you were surfing from your desktop, phone or tablet.”

The site also offers users the familiar comforts they have come to expect from a superior ecommerce shopping experience.  The site is setup with online review capabilities so that customers can read and share feedback about their purchases or favorite products with one another.  There also is a product comparison feature that allows customers to compare multiple products across the website.  This is especially great for customers who want to see the exact difference between multiple pairs of skates before making a purchase.

Also, for customers who are simply browsing and need to save their items for later, the site also offers wishlist capabilities.  Armed with amazing search functionality, users can also find the pair of skates they want easily by typing in keywords and then narrowing down their selection by using the filters located on the left-hand side of the search results screen.  The site also allows users in a hurry to complete their purchase as a guest user or login using their Facebook or Twitter account.

Roller Derby Skates also offers roller derby skates from all of the top derby manufacturers.

“We strived to make the site something that anyone could easily use,” said Mr. Stone. “We know that some people like to shop and not create accounts on third party ecommerce websites.  The ability to checkout as a guest or use your Facebook or Twitter account keeps you from having to create an account on our website and really speeds up the checkout process.  We felt that these were must have features that customers have come to expect.”

More than just another ecommerce storefront, Skates Emporium also specializes in skating news and advice on important topics such as how to roller skate, how to use roller skating as a form of alternative exercise to stay in shape, great places to go skate, expert reviews, plus articles and videos on roller skating tricks, styles and fashions.  The company also provides a buyer’s guide to help first-time skate buyers with explaining what makes for great skate boots, plates, bearings or wheels.

Skates Emporium is geared towards providing a community that is for people who love roller skating.  They currently have a very active community on their Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages.  “We love interacting and talking with other skaters and other people in the roller skating industry,” said Mr. Stone. “It’s fun and exciting to talk about something you truly love and that just puts a smile on your face.”

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