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Artistic Freestyle Skates

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a skater with pure grace and elegance perform their artistic routine on the rink. It doesn’t matter if you’re the next Tanja Romano or just a recreational freestyle skater; artistic roller-skating is an excellent outlet for creativity and exploration of emotions.

But of course, like with every form of roller-skating, a lot of what you do depends on the quads you choose to wear. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional artistic skater or not, you can’t afford to forgo quality because this will affect a number of things from your rink moves to your skating safety.

At Skates Emporium, we have a range of high quality artistic quads for all skaters. We choose to only stock freestyle roller skates from reputable skate manufacturers to ensure you get nothing but the best, so you can compete in your next freestyle skating competition knowing you’re wearing nothing but the best skates on your feet.

Our artistic quads vary depending on your artistic skating discipline, your level, and whether or not you compete. Our skate brands include Sure-Grip, Rock, and Chicago to name but a few.

If you’re new to artistic or freestyle roller-skating, you’re in for a treat. Artistic roller-skating is often compared to figure skating on ice, and for good reason – basically, you change the blades for wheels and take away the ice and you have artistic roller-skating. But that doesn’t mean freestyle roller-skating is any less of a sport or skill – it requires exactly the same amount of dexterity, discipline, hard work, and determination to perfect this beautiful sport – they don’t call it “artistic” skating for nothing!

Once you get the hang of freestyle roller-skating, your skates will become your normal shoes – you won’t be able to get enough time on the rink to fulfill your desires.

You’ll jump, roll, spin, dance, and leap, all on your quads. Once you get your new freestyle skates on, you’ll be feeling the surge within, and that surge will take you to some amazing places. You’ll pick up the freestyle roller skating lingo in no time, and terms like “the waltz”, “loop”, “flip”, “axle”, “sowcow”, and the “bunny hop” will become second nature, and that’s just some of the jumping terms. Then you’ve got the best moves, the spins. You’ll love performing the “sit spin”, “the reverse sit spin”, and “the camel”.

If you think that starting artistic roller-skating is too much of a challenge for an adult, you’re mistaken. You’ll soon discover that this is an activity that the entire family can do, no matter what your age or skating experience is.

It does of course take a lot of discipline. You’ll fall, but you’ll also get up and do it again until you achieve the skating move you want; because there’s nothing more thrilling than perfecting a complicated freestyle skating move.

There are also a lot of freestyle skating opportunities for kids. You can either take them to the rink to skate with you, or they can be professionally trained. Today, there are a number of skating rinks that offer Olympic junior skating training courses and competitions geared towards youth, and this is a great sport to start them young.

There are a number of things to look out for when searching for a new pair of artistic skates. Your skate’s boot and plate need to be strong and durable, so they can easily withstand the constant jumping, spinning and leaping that make up freestyle skating.

There are also a number of boot options to choose from, and this can be quite overwhelming for the novice freestyle skater. Look for high-top boots made out of high quality leather. These will give you more ankle support, so you’ll be able to spin and jump with ease. The outer and inner leather is just as important, as you need to be as comfortable as possible and the boots mold to your feet over time thanks to the boots’ softness.

Artistic roller-skating or freestyle roller-skating (whatever you want to call it) can be really enjoyable, and once you master the basic freestyle skating moves on your quads, they’ll be no stopping you.

Skates Emporium has some of the most competitive artistic skate prices, and we stock all sizes. We appreciate your business and your passion for skating, which is why we also offer free shipping on all orders over $99.

Roller-skating is a remedy, and you’ll surely feel the weight of the world be lifted off your shoulders when you get onto the rink and start moving with nothing but skill and grace.

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