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Roller Derby Stomp Factor 1 Falcon Juke Derby Skates

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You’ll never have looked so great in a pair of roller derby quads as you do in a pair of Roller Derby Stop Factor 1 Falcon Juke Derby Skates from Skates Emporium.

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Quality means doing it all right, and this is something you’ll be able to do with your brand new Roller Derby Stop Factor 1 Falcon Juke Derby Skates. Don’t just dream about winning your next roller derby meet, do it! Be the envy of all, because these roller derby quads don’t just look the part they’re also extremely functional and will help you roll towards success on the rink.

One of the best features of the Roller Derby Stop Factor 1 Falcon Juke Derby Skates is their Stomp Factor-1 boots – you can’t really go wrong with these. The high-end technology is mind-blowing, and you’ll also love the comfort you’ll get from the full grain handpicked leather. Even on closer inspection you won’t find any fault with these quality quad boots, especially with the inclusion of a genuine leather sole and heel that have been professionally double stitched.

Many derby players have problems keeping their roller derby quads in top order, but this is something you won’t have to worry about since they also feature anti-abrasion toe and heel caps.

You need sturdy skates when you play roller derby, and you’ll get just this with the strong yet lightweight Pilot Falcon aluminum plates that also have adjustable toe stops, making it much easier to stop and start.

If you’re an experienced roller derby player, it’s highly likely you’ll also be using your roller skates for other types of skating, but in many cases this is not possible because of the roller skates’ wheels. But this is the great thing about the Roller Derby Stomp Factor 1 Falcon Juke Derby Skates, the Atom Juke 2.0 Slim Wheels suit a number of surfaces, so it means you won’t have to fork out as much for numerous pairs of roller quads. And the extra-added bonus is that you’ll get noticed.


For starters, your game will improve dramatically, and secondly, who isn’t going to notice those rad brilliant lime green urethane wheels?

For you, roller derby is life and everything else in the world is just an interruption, which is why you deserve to treat yourself to a new pair of Roller Derby Stomp Factor 1 Falcon Juke Derby Skates today.  

Additional Information

Boots: The Factor-1 boot is top-grain leather and features leather, stitched soles. Available in black, green, or red.
Plate: Pilot Falcon aluminum plates with reverse king-pins and adjustable toe stops. Trucks are at a 16 degree angle and are micro adjustable.
Wheels: Atom Juke 2.0 59mm derby wheels in 88A, 93A, 95A, or 97A.
Bearings: Bionic ABEC-7.
Sizes: Ladies black 4-10 (half sizes 4.5-9.5)

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Special Note: The sizes presented here are all ladies' sizes, so men will need to go up 1 size when selecting their size.

Boys/Girls (Up to Size 4): These skates will match your shoe size. 

Men (Sizes 5 & Up): All boot sizes listed are ladies' sizes, therefore, men will need to go one size up from their regular shoe size.  So, for example, if you wear a mens size 6 shoe, then you would want to get a size 7 skate for either the red or black pair.

Women (Sizes 5 & Up): The boot sizes listed are the same as your shoe size as all of the skates size 5 & up are ladies' sizes.

Extra Sizing Note on Children: If you are buying a pair of skates for a growing child, it's usually best to buy the skates no bigger than one size up from their current shoe size.  Buying the skates at a larger size does help them get more use out of their skates, however, you also want to keep the child's safety in mind.  Too much movement of the foot inside the skate can lead to ankle, feet and leg injuries.  If you do decide to buy skates a little larger, you can have your child wear two pairs of socks, really thick socks or use padded inserts (insoles).  This will allow your child to get more use out of the skates, while still staying safe.