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Pacer Charger Kids Skates

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As soon as they open their new skates for the first time, they’ll be no stopping them, especially with these cool Pacer Charger Kids Skates.

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Whoa, there will be no stopping your kids once they slip their feet into their new Pacer Charger Kids Skates. The name speaks for itself – your kids will be charging all over the place. They’ll feel safer, more comfortable, and most importantly, more confident, allowing them to pick up a bit more skating speed than the average beginner (that’s if they want to that is).

If you’re looking for an awesome gift for your kids, perhaps for their birthday or a different celebration, and hate the idea of buying them yet another piece of technology to add to their growing collection, buy them a pair of cool quads for kids.

The Pacer Charger Kids Skates are an all-new modified skate, designed especially for kids to skate with confidence and go fast indoors and outdoors. Your child’s confidence will grow three-fold as they learn to skate in a controlled environment on the rink and then slowly transition to the sidewalk and busy boardwalk. Or if your child’s a little bit more daring, perhaps they’ll just bypass learning indoors and head straight for the busy pedestrian areas.

Wherever they choose to skate, you can be rest assured they’ll remain protected and comfortable, which are two necessary things you need to look out for when buying skates.

With a padded collar, you’ll no longer have to hear about any uncomfortable friction or rubbing. And with the easy-to-use Velcro straps, you won’t always have to be around when your kids want to put on or take off their skates, so in this sense, the Pacer Charger Roller Skates also promote independence.

If you’ve been at a loss as to get your kids out more, exercising and having fun, roller-skating is the perfect sport come hobby to take up. Who knows, maybe you’ll see that they’re having so much fun and want to join in as well, and why not?

At Skates Emporium, we’ve got roller skates for the whole family – remember the old adage – families that play together, stick together!

Additional Information

Boots: Speed profile with padded collar and Velcro power straps.
Plate: Pacer polymer plates with fixed toe stops.
Wheels: 54mm polyurethane injected wheels.
Bearings: 608ZB sealed.
Sizes: Boy’s black 10J-4; girl’s white 10J-4.

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