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Luigino Atom Trak-Atak Speed Skate Wheels

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This package is a set of 8 wheels.

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Say hello to the Trak-Atak roller derby wheel. So you like the feel of the 59mm but want the grip of the 62mm? Well look no further! With our new smaller solid core it allows us to pour more urethane, in turn providing the same grip you'd get with a 62mm wheel. It's considered a slim but has a lip on it like our wide wheels, further improving the grip. 59mm x 38mm and available in 93a, 95a & 97a.

Additional Information

Wheel Color: Colors include: Red, White & Blue
Wheel Size: 59mm x 38mm
Wheel Hardness: Blue 95A, Red 97A, White 93A

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