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Jackson Elite Avenger Zombie Roller Derby Skates

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There are many words to describe the all-new Jackson Elite Avenger Zombie Roller Derby Skates, and they’re all positive – you won’t be disappointed.

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Jackson Elite Avenger Zombie Roller Derby Skates can be described as many things, but on first glance, your first comment is likely to be “sleek.”

Scare your opponents and impress your derby teammates with your new Jackson Elite Avenger Zombie Roller Derby Skates that will help you seek revenge on the enemy and win.

These top-of-the-line roller derby skates will rock your world, and this particular derby quad package has taken all the best things from some of the world’s leading skate manufacturers.

The Jackson Elite Avenger Zombie Roller Derby Skates are super affordable, but they’re also quality – what more could you want in a pair of roller derby skates?

This unique roller derby skate package features the Jackson Elite Speed Skate boot. They already have an awesome reputation and it’s no wonder – they really do live up to all that hype! Jackson Skates isn’t one of these skate manufacturing companies that cut corners, which is why the Jackson Elite Speed Quad boots never disappoint. Made out of high quality full-grain Italian leather together with a stitched outsole these boots are so soft you won’t want to take them off. The reinforced toecap will help maintain your boots for longer, so they’ll look newer and meaner on the rink, and of course they’ll also help protect your tootsies better.

The softness of the material and the microfiber lining will ensure you remain comfortable and protected while you race and knock all your opponents out of the ring. This skate boot seriously brings a healthy sense of form and function to the skate, making them some of the most desirable roller derby quads on the market at the moment.

Add the Sure-Grip Avenger plate to the combo and you’ve got yourself a winning pair of derby quads that will help take you and the rest of the team to success. These magnesium plates are high quality. They’re both strong and lightweight, giving you that all-important competitive edge.

Customize your derby quads with your own choice of Sure-Grip Zombie Wheels, which are bound to put the fear of God into any person playing against you and your roller derby team. Optimize your performance with speed, stability, better grip, and lateral movement with different wheel sizes – when it comes to skate personalization, you really can’t get much better than this awesome roller derby skate package.

Additional Information

Boots: Jackson's top-grain leather boots with lace covers and stitched soles.
Plate: Sure-Grip's Avenger plates with doubleaction trucks at a 45 degree angle. Plates come in black aluminum or white magnesium.
Wheels: Sure-Grip Zombie wheels in 59mm, 62mm narrow, or 62mm wide in 89A, 92A, 95A or 98A.
Bearings: Lynx ABEC-7 racing.
Sizes: Ladies black 4-10 (half sizes 4.5 – 9.5)

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Special Note: The sizes presented here are all ladies' sizes, so men will need to go up 1 size when selecting their size.

Boys/Girls (Up to Size 4): These skates will match your shoe size. 

Men (Sizes 5 & Up): All boot sizes listed are ladies' sizes, therefore, men will need to go one size up from their regular shoe size.  So, for example, if you wear a mens size 6 shoe, then you would want to get a size 7 skate for either the red or black pair.

Women (Sizes 5 & Up): The boot sizes listed are the same as your shoe size as all of the skates size 5 & up are ladies' sizes.

Extra Sizing Note on Children: If you are buying a pair of skates for a growing child, it's usually best to buy the skates no bigger than one size up from their current shoe size.  Buying the skates at a larger size does help them get more use out of their skates, however, you also want to keep the child's safety in mind.  Too much movement of the foot inside the skate can lead to ankle, feet and leg injuries.  If you do decide to buy skates a little larger, you can have your child wear two pairs of socks, really thick socks or use padded inserts (insoles).  This will allow your child to get more use out of the skates, while still staying safe.