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Jackson Competitor Eagle Poison Roller Derby Skates

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At Skates Emporium we have a range of roller derby quads to suit your skills and budget, but one of the best deals is on the Jackson Competitor Eagle Poison Skates.

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You know you’ve made it when you win the roller derby title over and over again. But just because you’ve got the skill, you still need some quality derby quads to take you there. Jackson Competitor Eagle Poison Roller Derby Skates are some serious derby quads for the serious derby competitors. Are you that person? Do you have what it takes?

The Jackson Competitor Eagle Poison Roller Derby Skate package is an all-round great package. Everything’s great about it from the boot to the wheels. But that’s not the best thing, these roller derby quads are affordable, meaning you’re not going to have to break the bank or max out your credit card!

Jackson Competitor Eagle Poison Derby Quads feature a sleek looking boot from Jackson themselves – the Jackson Competitor Boot. The name ‘Competitor’ is no accident, and if you’re a pro roller derby player, you deserve nothing but the best. Made out of high-end materials, this top-notch derby boot boasts beautifully designed leather uppers. If the sleek outer appearance isn’t enough for you, you’re going to be definitely swayed by how the boot feels on your foot thanks to the soft microfiber lining and padded tongue cover. It’s clear to see that this boot has had a lot of work and love go into it – you just need to look at how the natural leather outsole is beautifully stitched for proof. You’ll look great, feel great, and perform more than great!

The Pilot Eagle Plates make the Jackson Competitor Derby Skate package even better. They say why try and fix things that aren’t broke…this is so true. Nistevo Sport has recognized a good thing and reworked traditional skate plate designs that date back to the 70’s, so if you’re all about retro, this is about as retro as you can get on the roller derby rink in terms of your roller derby plates. It’s easy to change, upgrade and modify your Pilot Eagle Plates, and this is one of the beautiful things about them – you don’t have to waste too much time and money. Made out of high quality nylon, the Eagle Plates have been made for some heavy duty skating.

The Jackson Competitor Derby Quads also boast some brilliant lime green wheels. They’re not just pretty to look at, the Atom Poison slim wheel is a hybrid alloy speed skate wheel that offers the right amount of grip and roll.

It’s time to regain your place in the roller derby world and treat yourself to a pair of multi-functional quads from Skates Emporium today!

Additional Information

Boots: Jackson Competitor full-grain leather boots with stitched soles and microfiber lining.
Plate: Pilot Eagle plates with reverse king-pins and adjustable toe stops. Trucks are at a 16 degree angle and micro adjustable.
Wheels: Your choice of Atom Poison wheels in wide, slim, or 59mm.
Bearings: Bionic SWISS.
Sizes: Ladies black 4-10 (half sizes 4.5-9.5).

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Special Note: The sizes presented here are all ladies' sizes, so men will need to go up 1 size when selecting their size.

Boys/Girls (Up to Size 4): These skates will match your shoe size. 

Men (Sizes 5 & Up): All boot sizes listed are ladies' sizes, therefore, men will need to go one size up from their regular shoe size.  So, for example, if you wear a mens size 6 shoe, then you would want to get a size 7 skate for either the red or black pair.

Women (Sizes 5 & Up): The boot sizes listed are the same as your shoe size as all of the skates size 5 & up are ladies' sizes.

Extra Sizing Note on Children: If you are buying a pair of skates for a growing child, it's usually best to buy the skates no bigger than one size up from their current shoe size.  Buying the skates at a larger size does help them get more use out of their skates, however, you also want to keep the child's safety in mind.  Too much movement of the foot inside the skate can lead to ankle, feet and leg injuries.  If you do decide to buy skates a little larger, you can have your child wear two pairs of socks, really thick socks or use padded inserts (insoles).  This will allow your child to get more use out of the skates, while still staying safe.