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Aggressive Inline Skates

Aggressive inline skates have a colorful and interesting history dating back to the early 90s. Many would say that the aggressive inline skate is the offspring of the original rollerblade, and in a way they’re right!

Given its affinity with rollerblading and skating generally, it’s no surprise that California was the birthplace of the first-ever aggressive inline skates. If you’re the daring type, who’s looking for a bit of thrill, adventure and speed, aggressive inline skating might be right up your alley.

As the old adage goes, Life is either a daring adventure or nothing – what would you prefer? While standard rollerblades are typically used for fitness skating or playing roller hockey, aggressive inline skates are used by thrill-seekers and adrenalin junkies who love to roll, grind, spin, and perform tricks outside in skate parks and street obstacles. They’re also commonly used in the speed skating circuit due to the lesser friction of the wheels, which of course results in greater speed when skating.

Aggressive inline skates can be used in a variety of ways for freestyle skating, but one of the most famous ones would have to be street aggressive inline skating. Imagine using everything around you from the sidewalk to the walls and from park benches to railings as your canvas for skating, because that’s exactly what street skating is. Combine your creativity with your skating skill and use your environment to maneuver and perform.

You can also use your aggressive inline skates for park skating. Basically, it’s how you read it – you skate in parks, but not any old park, skate parks! Despite what you might think, park skating is different to street skating. Skate parks have been specifically designed for people like you to perform skate tricks; therefore park skating techniques are a must. Roll fluidly over the “line”, grab your aggressive inline skates and rock those half-pipes, ramps, and other cool features, which aren’t typically found in your urban (aka street) setting.

A good aggressive inline skate will most definitely withstand the toughest and craziest of skate sessions. At Skates Emporium we’ve got a range of high quality aggressive inline skates for the whole family. Our skates are high quality and our inline skate prices are unbeatable, and of course we know everything that needs to be known about aggressive inline skating, so you can roll with us and follow our own adventures.

If you’re buying a pair of aggressive inline skates for the very first time, that’s awesome, you seriously won’t live to regret your purchase. But if you’re making the switch from rollerblades to inline skates, it’s going to take some adjusting. Rollerblades have a taller boot, meaning they offer better ankle support, and this is one thing you’ll notice your new pair of inline skates missing. Of course the lower cut boot is there for a purpose; yes, it looks great, but it also allows you to dig deep into the corners like a pro. To really get on top of the game and excel at freestyle skating strong ankles are a must.

Vanilla (VNLA) aggressive inline skates are the best, and that’s why we choose to predominantly stock these. There are three variations of Vanilla Inline Skates: the Vanilla Spyder, Vanilla Carbon and the Vanilla Empire. While the skates do have their differences, there are also some marked similarities. All skates feature high quality bearings and thinner wheels than the rollerblade, which is what allows you to take those sharp corners. Another key feature is their heat moldable boot, which allows you to manipulate the boots to fit your feet perfectly.

Some of the world’s best Olympic speed skaters started their careers using inline skates, and you could be the next! Or if speed skating doesn’t turn you on, perhaps you envision yourself taking part in the next X-Games as a freestyle skating champ. Life is all about going forward and tackling those obstacles so don’t let another ledge or ramp get in your way.

Browse our top-of-the range aggressive inline skates, and make Skates Emporium your one and only stop for all your skating needs.

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Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skates

Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skates


The Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skate is one of the best selling pair of aggressive inline speed skates on the market.  This is the perfect skate for those who are getting involved in speed skating, or those looking for a great fitness skate. If you have a need for speed, then these are the skates for you!

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