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Inline Skates

If you are looking for a great pair of inline skates, then we are your shop. Skates Emporium offers the lowest prices on inline skates, the best brands and free shipping on all orders over $99! Whether you are into roller blades or aggressive inline skates, we have you covered. We carry the top of the line inline skates from Vanilla. These skates are super fast! Plus, we have great roller blades from popular brands like Roller Derby, Pacer and Tour. If you are truly looking for speed on wheels, then you must check out our inline skates and roller blades. You'll be happy you did!

Inline Skates & Speed Skating = A Perfect Fit

Inline skates are great for speed skating and racing at the rink.  Inline skates are by far the fast skate type on the market.  Made with thin wheels, top of the line bearings and heat moldable boots, inline skates are what all of the very best speed skaters are wearing today.  Attend skating at any rink, and you will see lots of folks speeding by on inlines.  Some of the best well-known speed skaters in the Olympics got their start inline skating at their local roller rink.  However, before you get started on inline skates you do need to realize that they take a fair amount of ankle strength to maintain a straight edge.  Many children have a problem with this when they are first starting out, but as most kids do, they pick it up pretty quickly in just a few trips to the rink.  Unlike roller blades, inline skates do not have a high cut boot.  This means less ankle support, but greater ability to get low and cut corners.  Inline skates are the closest you can get to the feel of ice skates on a wood floor.  Their ability to keep a fast speed and cut on a dime are unmatched on any other type of roller skate.


Rollerblades are great for both indoor and outdoor skating.  Faster than most quad skates, rollerblades give you some of the maneuverability of an aggressive inline skate with more of the ankle support.  It is definitely easier to cut corners in a roller blade than in quad skates and the boots are high cut giving you more comfort and ankle support.  Many adults like high cut boots for the added ankle support.  It makes for a more enjoyable skating experience.  The rollerblade skate is also perfect for indoor / outdoor roller hockey.

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Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skates

Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skates


The Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skate is one of the best selling pair of aggressive inline speed skates on the market.  This is the perfect skate for those who are getting involved in speed skating, or those looking for a great fitness skate. If you have a need for speed, then these are the skates for you!

Linear Camo Inline Skates

Linear Camo Inline Skates


Linear Camo Inline Skates

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Items 1 to 9 of 35 total
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