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Chicago Sidewalk Roller Skates (100/105)

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Chicago Sidewalk Roller Skates for kids are affordable and fun. It’s time to teach your kids to skate with these modern skates that make everything easy!

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If your child has been at you for a long time about taking up roller skating for the first time, these Chicago Sidewalk Roller Skates are the perfect starter skates for them.

The Chicago Sidewalk Roller Skates for kids are a great outdoor roller skate for any child who’s just learning to skate. Whether they learn to skate on an outdoor rink, on the drive, or the sidewalk, it doesn’t really matter, because these roller skates that have been specially designed for kids will give your child the much-needed confidence on their quads. They’ll be skating in no time!

These skates for beginners are also friendly on the wallet. When your child is only just starting out on their quads, it’s unnecessary and totally unfeasible to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of new skates. The Chicago 100/105 sidewalk skates are reasonably priced and they won’t break the bank either, which might come as a bit of a relief for mom and dad, especially when you consider how many new activities your child likes to ‘trial’ and doesn’t follow through with.

Even if you’re not a skater yourself, you can rest assured that these children’s roller skates are safe. Your child’s feet and ankles will remain protected thanks to the smart combination of the padded ankle collars and Velcro straps, which ensure a securer fit.

When your child learns to skate for the first time, you want them to fall in love with the sport, and why not? Roller-skating is a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy. Turning will be easy thanks to the skates’ semi-precision bearings and adjustable trucks, and your child will be able to roll with ease at whatever speed they feel comfortable with.

Your own personal memories of learning to skate for the first time, while you held onto your mom or dad’s arm, will come flooding back. It’s now time to pass the gift on and allow your child to enjoy the simpler things in life.

Additional Information

Boots: Chicago boots with padded ankle collar and Velcro strap.
Plate: Chicago plates with adjustable trucks.
Wheels: Chicago wheels.
Bearings: Semi-precision.
Sizes: Boy’s black 12J-5; girl’s white 12J-5.

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