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Chicago Kid’s Rink Skate (1900/1905)

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This child’s skate is for those who want a more traditional look.

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Don’t underestimate a child. While many kids prefer modern looks that out of fashion quickly, there are still many others who prefer a classic look. The latter is pertinent to those kids who love to roller skate. Roller-skating, just like its sister sport ice-skating, is synonymous with the classic look. Chicago Kid’s Rink Skate (1900/1905) are classic-looking roller skates that have the real ‘traditional’ look.

In fact, classic is back, and it’s what the kids now refer to as ‘retro’. So not only will they achieve that classic skating look, they’ll also be up-to-date with the fashion trends.

Chicago Roller Skates have been around for years, and they’ve been the forerunners when it comes to skate design. Unlike other manufacturers, they haven’t allowed their quality to falter, which is why you and your family will benefit from high quality quads.

The Chicago Kid’s Rink Quads feature fiberglass-reinforced plates, meaning your kids will have all the stability they need. They also have 52mm urethane wheels and semi-precision bearings, which allows for an easier roll, something that is necessary for beginner skaters. You won’t have to worry about them crashing either thanks to the fixed toe-stop.

Just because they’re cheap roller skates for kids, it doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality. Your child will learn how to skate quickly and comfortably, and they’ll soon come to love this fun outdoor recreational activity.

Additional Information

Boots: Chicago Tigerlon boots.
Plate: Chicago plates with adjustable trucks.
Wheels: Chicago 52mm urethane wheels.
Bearings: Semi-precision.
Sizes: Boy’s black (1905) 10J-4; girl’s white (1900) 10J-4.

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