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Chicago Bullet Skates

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Chicago Bullet Skates will allow you to show your stuff on the rink. Dance like no one’s watching and get a huge round of applause thanks to these beauties.
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Chicago Bullet Skates will have you flying. If you’re into jam skating, Chicago Bullet Skates are going to rock your world. You’ll be going so hard, you won’t even hear the music, and you’ll just go with the flow!

These high-speed roller skates feature the aesthetically pleasing Chicago Vinyl Speed boot, which has been mounted with perfection onto a lightweight nylon plate, making it easier to shake your stuff.

You’ll be able to comfortably showcase your awesome speed and jam skating moves with the Chicago Bullet Skates, which come in a range of sizes from kids to adults. If you’re already into dancing up a storm on your wheels, why not get the whole family involved?

You’ll be able to stop and start in an instant with the non-adjustable toe strap. Add the 62mm urethane speed wheels and the amazing ABEC-one precision bearings to the skates, and there will be no stopping you.

If you’re just starting out in jam skating or your kid wants to take it up, these are the perfect jam starter skates, because as far as jam skates go, the Chicago Bullet Skates are the bomb!

Jam staking takes some skill, and it can be hard work on your feet and ankles, which is why the skates’ padded ankle collar will be your savior.

Sometimes people like to dance when no one’s looking, but that’s not what jam skating is all about. You’ll be challenging in no time, and once you get there, there will be no turning back. Live life to the fullest and get yourself a pair of Bullet Skates by Chicago!

Additional Information

Boots: Chicago vinyl speed boots in black or white
Plate: Lightweight, plastic plates with aluminum trucks
Wheels: Bullet 58mm speed-style wheels with hubs
Bearings: Carbon ABEC-1
Sizes: Men's Black Sizes 1-12, Ladies' White Sizes 1-10

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Basic Sizing Rule: The standard rule for skate sizing is to purchase skates that are the same size as your shoe.

Women/Girls: The white boot comes in sizes 1-10.  The white boot sizes listed are the same as your shoe size. If you would like to purchase the black boot skates instead, just go down one full shoe size. So, for example, if you wear a ladies size 6 in the white boot, then you would want to get the mens size 5 black boot.

Men/Boys: The black boot comes in sizes 1-12. The black boot sizes listed are the same as your shoe size. If you would like to purchase the white boot skates instead, just go up one full shoe size. So, for example, if you wear a mens size 8 in the black boot, then you would want to get the womens size 9 white boot. Please be aware that the white boot does only go up to a ladies size 10, so if you are a man wearing a shoe larger than size 9, then do not buy the white ladies boot for it will not fit you.

Extra Sizing Note on Children: If you are buying a pair of skates for a growing child, it's usually best to buy the skates no bigger than one size up from their current shoe size. Buying the skates at a larger size does help them get more use out of their skates, however, you also want to keep the child's safety in mind. Too much movement of the foot inside the skate can lead to ankle, feet and leg injuries. If you do decide to buy skates a little larger, you can have your child wear two pairs of socks, really thick socks or use padded inserts (insoles). This will allow your child to get more use out of the skates, while still staying safe.