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Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skates (210/215)

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Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skates for kids are the perfect starter to give your kids that much-needed boost of confidence when it comes to skating.

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Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skates (210/215) are basic outdoor skates that will help your kids learn how to skate outdoors. You can rest assured your kids will remain safe and they’ll be happy zooming along the road with these amazing youth roller skates.

Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skates for kids are some of the best kids’ skates on the market today. With their easy to open and close adjustable levers, your child can become more autonomous when it comes to putting on their own skates, giving you that much needed break.

Not only are these quality quads for kids super affordable, they’re also designed to grow with your child thanks to the skates’ expandable options. You’ll no longer have to continuously open your wallet and buy a new pair of skates, because these Chicago Adjustable Quads will be with your child for some time, no matter how rough a surface they choose to roll on.

The skates feature a strong composite frame, which offers more stability and balance; it also means the skates are super durable, allowing your kids to thrash the hell out of them without destroying them (you know what kids are like!)

Skates Emporium takes extra precaution when choosing which kids’ quads to stock, because one of our main concerns (like yours) is safety. Your child’s feet will fit securely in the boot with a snug fit, and thanks to the 2 Micro rachet buckles, there’s no way your child can lose their skates mid-roll.

One of the biggest complaints from kids when trying on new skates is the comfort, but that’s not an issue with Chicago Adjustable Quad Roller Skates. A unique feature of the skate is a 2-piece vented boot and nylon mesh inner boot, both of which have been designed carefully for maximum comfort.

The younger kids start skating, the more they’re going to enjoy it and become life-long roller skaters. Before they grow old enough to become engrossed with technology like so many other children around the world, get them into a pair of quads and have them skating towards a carefree world of imagination, health, and happiness.

Additional Information

Boots: Adjustable shell with breathable mesh liners and adjustable micro-ratchet buckles in boys blue or girls purple.
Plate: Easy push-button adjustable plates.
Wheels: Chicago all-purpose wheels.
Bearings: 608Z Semi Precision.
Sizes: Small (10J-13J), Medium (1-4).

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