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About Us Founder - Jeff StoneWelcome to!  I am so excited that you have stopped by to visit us.  I am the founder of  My name is Jeff Stone (that's me in the photo to the right).  Whether you are here to learn more about roller skating, or if you are ready to buy a pair of skates, I can help you out.  I love roller skating, and I love helping others learn how to roller skate!  Skating is such a fun sport and a great way to get exercise.  I am really passionate about it, and I know we can help you find that perfect pair of skates or just teach you how to skate better.  But more about me later.

The Largest Selection of Skates at the Lowest Prices is the best place online with the largest selection of roller skates, inline skates, roller blades, speed skates, jam skates, freestyle skates and skate parts / skate accessories.  If it rolls, then we have it.  And, our selection is growing everyday.  On top of our large selection, we also offer the best prices on all of the most popular skates.

We're Here to Help You Learn More about Roller Skating

I want to be the first place you think of for all things roller skates, that's why you can expect not just great roller skates, parts and accessories, but also a thriving community, blog and news articles that look at all angles of the sport.  Honestly, helping people skate and promoting roller skating is a passion of mine.  We are here not just to sell great skates, but also to inform, educate and teach you what we know about this great sport.  It really has so many facets to it and can be so diverse.  From artistic freestlye skating to speed skating to jam skating to roller hockey and roller derby - you really do have a lot of things you can learn and activites you can do with roller skating.  It is so much fun and a great workout!

Great Customer Service - Plus 1 Year Returns & Exchanges*

Here at, we also strive to be a great customer service company.  We will match a lower competitor's price, plus we also provide FREE shipping on all orders over $99.  We also offer a 1-year return and exchanges policy with only a few limitations.  Plus, we are always here for you via email or our toll free phone number.  Please don't ever hesitate to call us.  We love to talk skates, and we are always ready to help you find that next great pair of wheels!

Now, more from Our Founder

Roller skating is in my blood.  I have been roller skating since I was 10 years old (about 30 years now).  When I was 12, I began training for the Junior Olympics as an artistic freestyle roller skater (think Olympics ice skating but on roller skates for kids under 18).  While practicing in the rink five days a week to become a better freestyle skater, I also spent four days a week working as a DJ and floor guard at my home skating rink, Forum Roller World, in Grand Prairie, TX.  After helping out around the skating rink putting away skates and sweeping floors (mostly to get into the rink for free), I was allowed to start DJing and floor guarding at the rink when I was 13.  It was an awesome job for a 13 year old!  Playing everyone's favorite music certainly makes you popular with your friends.
When I wasn't working at the rink, I was practicing and then competing in Junior Olympic men's artistic freestyle competitions - consistently taking first place in my age group.  At the age of 14, I made it to the Nationals Junior Olympic competiton and won a gold medal in freestyle skating competing against 35 other teenagers.  It was the highlight of a number of years of hard work.  My kids certainly get a kick out of seeing some of my old skate videos and the gold medal I won.  Maybe one day I'll post a few on here for some fun!  :-)
Today, I still skate quite often - mostly now with my children.  This year, I am looking to get more heavy back into skating - this time in speed skating and roller hockey - more for the exercise and the fun.  I can't do many large freestyle jumps anymore (like I could when I was a kid), but I can still do various spins, skate backwards and jam out on the floor.  The spins always get folks attention because so many regulars can skate backwards and jam skate.  The spinning takes a bit of practice.  
Well, enough about me.  I hope I'll see you out on the floor soon!  Get your favorite pair of skates and get out on out there!  I hear them playing your favorite song!